#2 Planting for a Post-Wild New Mexico

Subdivision: Anasazi Meadows
Owner/ Designer: Michael Payton
Garden Type or Features: Rewilding, hybrid plant communities, habitat patch, biodiversity, storm water infrastructure.

Artist in the Garden: Karen Jacobs

Description:  A patch of earth can make a significant contribution toward sustaining biodiversity. This home’s landscape explores a hybrid of the wild and the cultivated, specially chosen for New Mexico’s climate.  Interlocking layers of compatible plant species are intended to mimic the native plant communities that grow on disturbed sites.

The curated plant communities create an environment that reflects natural systems.  Zooming in to the micro-level to support many insect species, they provide habitat that increases biodiversity and greater ecological function. Storm water infrastructure supports a courtyard oasis, slope planting, and a meadow matrix that looks beyond the arroyo to a horse ranch and the Sandias.

This garden was designed and is maintained by Michael Payton, a landscape architect and steward of the environment.