#1 Small Potatoes Garden

Subdivision: Rural Area North of 165 & West of the Village
Address: 26 Camino Del Torreon
Owners: Suzanne Maxwell and John Kail
Garden Type or Features: Permaculture; rural; large geodesic dome green house for three season gardening; shared food growing “Co Grow” project concept.

Description: Suzanne and John promote the principles of “Permaculture” or “Sustainability” in garden practice and philosophy through interaction with their landscape environment and other gardeners. They employ gardening practices that use water and other resources sparingly and yet manage to give back to the earth to rebuild. Their planted gardens co-exists with the area native and adapted plants and animals. They love the art of slow cooking using their organically grown produce.

A highlight of this garden is the predominant geodesic dome greenhouse with climate management for sensitive plants, raised three season garden beds, a worm composting farm, and an ingenious recirculating tank watering system. There is enough room for a small bistro table with two chairs in the dome. This is a favorite spot for Suzanne and John to sit, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine after gardening on nice evenings. Other garden features include a large kiva shaped, top view yin and yang outdoor garden designed with pruned plant growth, covered vegetable growing beds, a tranquil pond and garden pathways bordered by tall Chamisa and Four Wing Salt shrubs with vignettes of garden fantasy figures. Suzanne tends to several fruit bearing shrubs and trees planted on her property.

Suzanne, Vicki Peck and other volunteers from the CoGrow organization, a Sandoval County Master Gardener volunteer approved project, will be on site to inform tour guests of organic gardening methods and help in growing, harvesting, and trading plants and seeds. CoGrow currently represents an expanding group of growers who are working together in a cooperative manner to grow local organic produce. CoGrow members cooperate among themselves, share heavy tasks, tools, seeds and trade the produce that is harvested. CoGrow has four local sites: a two-acre farm in Algodones, plus two growing sites and an orchard in Placitas. This garden property is one of the Placitas growing sites.