#5 The Infinity Garden

Subdivision: Diamond Tail
Address: 109 Crestview Court
Owners: Chris and Dave Pasero
Garden Type or Features: Excellent landscape design and implementation achieved by collaboration between owner and designers; large infinity pool patio garden with view of the Ortiz Mountains.

Rick Garcia of Landscape Solutions will be present at this garden to advise tour guests on landscaping, plant selection, and maintenance.

Description: The gardens and home were built at the same time in 2017.  Chris and Dave moved in to their home in May of 2017 with the gardens already in place.   The concept of their gardens, including the design, choice and placement of the plants was a joint effort between the owners, their designer/decorator Charles Rose, and Rick Garcia of Landscape Solutions Inc.   They all met, discussed the Paseros’ vision, and Mr. Garcia presented several stages of landscape drawings leading up to the final design.

Rather than having a front courtyard the Paseros opted for a more natural “woodsy” exterior landscaping leading to the front entrance of the home.  The courtyard was instead designed into the back of the house off the kitchen with a more tailored look.

Having moved from California, they realized that the high desert climate of Placitas limited their plant choices.   The bougainvillea and some crepe myrtles that they loved had to go.   Mr. Garcia taught the owners which plants would survive the colder winters, the intense sun, and dryer conditions of their new environment while allowing them to select what they loved most from a local nursery.   The Paseros are loving their new plant selections consisting of coneflowers, Sunset Hyssop, Desert Penstemon, Russian sage, Mexican Redbud, Desert Willow, Smoke Trees, Butterfly Bush, and Yucca.   They are enjoying the beauty and easy maintenance of their blooming salvia shrubs and their ornamental grasses, especially the Karl Foerester and Regal Mist grasses.

The Paseros have a lovely water fountain and a Japanese maple on their front porch, but the backyard swimming pool with the infinity edge and the planters along the sides of the pool is the focal point of the landscape design.   The infinity edge of the pool draws your eye along the length of the pool to the rugged Diamond Tail open space and a far northern view of the Sangre de Cristo peaks.

Mr. Garcia did a perfect job of creating the feel of flowing rivers by placing river rock and desert colored crusher fine throughout the property.  This is a visually beautiful as well as a functional feature allowing rain and snow melt to quickly flow to the reservoir ponds.  A large stone carved with a petroglyph flute player is used as a pathway bridge across the dry river bed.

There are no visible gutters on the house as Mr. Garcia worked with the builder to install an extensive drainage system under the house, canales off the roof, and gutters within the stone columns on the patio that empty water into the river rock where it is carried away.    The Paseros constructed an elevated vegetable and herb garden in the back.   The courtyard off the kitchen has a deco tiled built-in barbecue and a beautiful red bud tree in a matching tiled seat planter.

The landscaping was designed with a drip system throughout and it is rarely necessary to add supplementary garden hose water.  The landscaping design provides for a large passive outdoor water routing system to the reservoir ponds, where the rabbits and birds can drink when it rains or snows.