#3 The Garden of Eatin

Subdivision: La Mesa
Address: 27 Calle Corvo
Owners: Jim Peters and Bev Nagy
Garden Type or Features: Whimsical garden landscaping features, green house, all types of growing beds and potted plants organized in groups in the back courtyard.  

J Peters Garden of Eatin Full ViewDescription:

Jim Peters is the engaging conversationalist, avid seed starter, and vegetable garden grower.   You will see great varieties of peppers, melons, and tomatoes growing in raised beds and pots, groups of which are configured in growing areas throughout the back courtyard.   Ask Jim anything about starting seeds and growing vegetable plants, and you will come away with lots of ideas for your own vegetable growing endeavors.   Jim is known for his generous donations of plants to the Sandoval Extension Master Gardener volunteer garden projects and plant sales.

J Peters Garden of Eatin Squash Close UpYou will meet Jim’s artist wife, Bev Nagy, in the front portal weaving baskets throughout the tour day.  There will be a display of different sized baskets woven from a variety of natural fibers and plant material, and all hand made by Bev.

History of the Garden, Changes Made, Challenges Encountered: To be completed.