#6 The Garden of Knowledge

Subdivision: San Francisco Hills Road
Owner/ Designer: Savannah Boone
Garden Type or Features: Historic rural Placitas location with a charming rustic/ Caribbean property ambience, orchard and vegetable growing, pollinator/ bee keeping, naturalized plant and tree specimen transplants throughout property, hoop house and air pruning gardening beds

Artist in the Garden:  Corky Baron

Description:  Savannah’s garden was a popular destination for gardeners of all interests at the May 2017 tour.  Savannah has since retired from Southwest Airlines and has added many upgrades to her landscape, constructed a protected beehive enclosure, and is still employing different alternative gardening methods such as the air pruning raised vegetable beds.  Most of the new plants are naturalized or transplanted from shoots from existing trees and shrubs (Lilacs, Russian Olive, New Mexico Privet, Mimosa), or started from seed in her hoop house raised beds using a combination of soil and straw.  Savannah is not afraid to experiment with growing zone limited plants in warmer micro-climates provided by buildings or fences.   Savannah is currently imagining and designing additions to her property for the purpose of horticultural education and a meeting place for local gardening groups.   Savannah has also conceptualized a special casita for her own design tastes and relaxation.

Savannah is a passionate gardener and traveler.   She learned gardening growing up on the Island of Antiqua, where she met her late husband Hawkeye who was a sailing buff and carpenter.   They returned to the States some twenty years ago to purchase property in California, quickly learned about the high real estate prices there, and then ended up buying this remote 3-acre lot in Placitas.  Except for native juniper trees, Savannah gradually created the garden and orchard you see today along with her husband’s help.   Now she has plans for a new direction of garden education tourism for her property.     

Savannah looks forward to showing off her garden once again and exchanging garden information with you on the day of the tour.