Artists Painting the Gardens

2021 Artists Painting the Gardens 9:00 – 4:00 PM on September 19, 2021.  (Scroll down to the Artist Bios to find out their gardens and painting shifts.)

photo: Todd & Rozanne Hakala

Gardens and paintings are similar in that they are composed in harmony with a series of shapes, forms, colors, and textures.

We invite you to watch the artists as they express their vision and interpretation of the gardens with paint and canvas. The Placitas Garden Tour has invited a select group of local artists to paint “en plein air” in each of the gardens. Please enjoy watching their process as they complete a portrait of the garden who has opened their home for the tour. In 2021, the following artists will join us: Barbara Brazillo, Juan Wijngaard, Reid Bandeen, Jim Holley, Gayle Elaine Scott.

Purchase a Painting! All of the artists’ personal works will be on display for sale at the Placitas Community Library on the day of the tour. Purchase a work of art and a lasting memory of the Placitas Garden Tour.

photo: Todd & Rozanne Hakala

This is a very special opportunity for you to own an original work of art as a wonderful reminder of the extraordinary 2021 Placitas Garden Tour. The artists are working in collaboration with the Sandoval County Master Gardeners & the Placitas Community Library to raise funds for future landscape projects & educational programs in Placitas.

Information about each artist is listed below. If the artist has a website you can click on the artist’s name below to visit it:

Barbara Brazillo

Barbara Brazillo will be painting at the following gardens:
{to be announced}

Barbara is a Placitas artist equally at ease working with sculpture, painting
and drawing.

She is a member of the Corrales Society of Artists and the National Sculpture Society and is represented by Jezebel Gallery in Madrid, Off The Beaten Path in Cloudcroft, Tierra Mar in Santa Fe and now Wild Hearts Gallery. Her work has received a number of awards including Best of Show, Best Sculpture and more.

“I left New York City and headed for New Mexico in 1995 after falling in love with the Southwest.  Armed with more available time and a list of “used to’s” and “want to’s”, I began to explore my many creative interests.  In the process I rediscovered my artistic abilities.  In 2017, I ended a successful career in advertising and marketing to focus exclusively on my art.

I Work primarily in abstract, figurative bronze sculpture and painting. I revel in dramatic gestures, bright palettes and rich textures. My figural work frequently includes elongated, faceless fantastical figures. It is often noted that my sculptures and paintings convey a dynamic sense of movement.

My work is inspired by a deep desire to communicate on a spiritual and emotional level. I am compelled to find ways to share what I am feeling in clay, on canvas, and other substrates by creating visual stories through movement and color. I work quickly, relying on the medium to participate in determining the direction of my art. While I sometimes plan, many of my sculptures and paintings are spontaneous. In the end, all that really matters is that my art speaks to your soul.”

Juan Wijngaard

Juan Wijngaard will be painting at the following gardens:
{to be announced}

Juan was born in Argentina and moved to the Netherlands in his teens. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, Juan worked as a children’s book illustrator, winning the Kate Greenaway Medal for Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady. Juan lived in the U.K. for nearly 20 years. After illustrating some 35 books, Juan retired as a children’s book illustrator.

​Juan now lives and paints in New Mexico, USA. The natural beauty of the environment, fauna and flora are inspirations to him.

Although he now works mainly in oils, Juan continues to deepen his knowledge of old world techniques, including egg tempera on wood panels, gold leaf, and glazes.

Reid Bandeen

Reid Bandeen will be painting at the following gardens:
{to be announced}

Reid Bandeen sees landscape painting as a medium for communicating the awe, power and mystery of the natural world. Working in a contemporary representational impressionist style, he draws his compositions from the skies, vast horizons, waterways and mountains of the American West. To him a successful painting is one that inspires the same flash of inspiration and wonder for the viewer that moved him to render a particular scene in paint. His commitment is to enable his viewers and collectors to gain a shared appreciation for the spiritual nourishment the natural world provides, in the context of our modern lives.

Largely self-taught, Bandeen showed an early interest and ability in drawing and painting, but pursued a professional career in water resources before delving into art as his primary focus in 2007. Personal instruction and mentorships with several contemporary masters (including Arturo Chavez, Deborah Paris, and Scott Christensen) aided his development along the way. Today Bandeen lives and works from his studios in Placitas and Taos, New Mexico, surrounded by an abundance of wild nature.

Jim Holley

Jim Holley will be painting at the following gardens:
{to be announced}

Gayle Elaine Scott

Gayle Elaine Scott swill be painting at the following gardens:
{to be announced}

I was born and raised in southern New Mexico and have since lived in close proximity to Albuquerque.

Art in some form or another has always been part of my life and upon retiring from 33 years of working for the telephone company I devote myself to experimenting with many types of media. A fascination with mosaics at a young age caused me to create my first one in 3rd grade using cut up linoleum pieces. Now I utilize tile, stained glass, found objects, ceramics, and fused glass.

Rather than referring to myself as self-taught, I consider myself to be self-learning as I continuously try new techniques and materials which spur more creative ideas and experimentation.