2017 Garden #2

Garden #2 – The Retro Garden – Barbara Prichard


Barbara had her cedar and stone home built almost five decades ago in the then yet to be developed Placitas West neighborhood. The home was featured in the Albuquerque Journal in 1968 as a unique in-the-round construction project.   Small juniper shrubs were planted in the front along with the placement of large landscape boulders when the house was built.   The juniper shrubs are still present today, but now over-shadow the landscape boulders.


The 360-degree landscaping, consisting of a wide variety of trees, shrubs, vines and perennials plants, was completed gradually through the decades by the owner on this open property void of courtyard walls.

2017-mas-prichard-pt-004 2017-mas-prichard-pt-003

The landscape additions represent the history of the home and the owner’s love for all types of plants that grow well in the area.  The landscape provides a protective  oasis around the home and yet allows for panoramic views.  The addition of plants and hardscape mark the progression of time like a photo album.   The owner will be happy to share her home history and garden story on the tour.  Barbara is a hands-on expert on several plants, and she can advise new gardeners on the life stages of these plants and how to maintain them.