2021 Gardens

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1. Critter Café

Subdivision: Anasazi Trails
Address: 30 Anasazi Trails Loop
Owners: Alwyn and Sunel Van Der Walt
Garden Type or Features:  Mature landscaping and trees, beautifully hardscaped patio courtyards, vignette planting, arroyo slope-side pueblo style erosion control

The following artists will be at this garden:
    Barbara Burzillo 9am – Noon
    Juan Wijngaard – 1 – 4pm

Description: A large engraved boulder with the number “104” marks this Wild Primrose property. Several established prickly pear, red yucca, and agave succulents grace the entry boulder. The driveway leads up to the front courtyard and then a 3-car garage entry pad. The front serviceable entrances to the home were built to take in the east Sandia mountain view. Native planted apache plum, red yucca grass, agaves and existing one seeded juniper trees anchor the foreground to the mountain view. Click here to read more.

2. The Lizard Lounge

Subdivision: La Mesa
Address: 10 Calle Corvo
Owners: Susan and Keith Cameron
Garden Type or Features: Native plantings, seed saving and naturalization, cacti, landscaping vignettes, wildlife.

Cameron House Front IMG_7545The following artists will be at this garden:
   Rebecca Nolda – 9am – Noon
   Barbara Burzillo – 1 – 4pm


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3. The Garden of Eatin

Subdivision: La Mesa
Address: 27 Calle Corvo
Owners: Jim Peters and Bev Nagy
Garden Type or Features: Whimsical garden landscaping features, green house

J Peters Garden of Eatin Full View

The following artists will be at this garden:
   Bev Nagy – 9am – Noon
   Bev Nagy – 1 – 4pm

Description: Jim is an avid seed starter and vegetable grower, great varieties of peppers, melons, and tomatoes in raised beds, potted plants and more. Bev is a basket weaver.

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4. Legacy European Garden

Subdivision: Tierra Madre
Address: 2 Aqua Sarca Road
Owners: David Hoekenga
Garden Type or Features:

hoekenga-garden-01 640x636

The following artists will be at this garden:
   Juan Wijngaard – 9am – Noon
   Elaine Scott – 1 – 4pm

Description: “The European Garden” legacy late summer/fall showing, completed waterfall.

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5. Descanso de Aves (Bird Rest)

Subdivision: Mustang Mesa
Address:  2 Palomino Road
Owners: Paul and Debbie Norman
Garden Type or Feature: California Coastal, decks, pathways, water feature, sculpture, strategic fencing structures, views
Bonus: Labyrinth on neighboring property to be open for touring

The following artists will be at this garden:
   Reid Bandeen – 9am – Noon
   Jim Holley – 1 – 4pm

Description: When Paul and Debbie Norman moved into their newly built home on Mustang Mesa in the fall of 2013, they set out to create a Mesa garden that took advantage of the existing natural landscape elements:  juniper, cactus, grasses, and rock……lots of rock.

An avid gardener, Paul sought to create a peaceful space to enjoy the ever-changing high desert skies, and to provide a sanctuary for the numerous birds that pass through in all seasons. After seven years, Paul believes his vision is taking shape, albeit hampered by drought – especially last summer’s lack of rainfall. Click here to read more.

6. A Very Talavera Garden

Subdivision: Mustang Mesa
Address: 63 Palomino Road
Owners: Lisa and Jud Fink
Garden Type or Features: New Xeric Landscaping in and out of courtyards planted by owner of courtyards, Televera pottery, views

The following artists will be at this garden:
   Jim Holley – 9am – Noon
   Rebecca Nolda – 1 – 4pm

Description: After Jim Madueña built their home in 2017, Lisa and Jud’s next step was to have the yard landscaped, both for appearance and to reduce the dust carried by the frequent winds up on Wild Horse Mesa. Jim recommended the late Guillermo Arriola. Guillermo’s meticulous planning and hard work (sometimes on his hands and knees by the light of a headlamp after sunset) resulted in a beautiful landscape of rock “riverbeds” and sandstone “bridges,” with plants intermingled throughout. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of what would live through desert summers and winters and mesa winds. Every plant he installed survived, without a single exception. The garden as it is today is in part a tribute to him (though subsequent mistakes are entirely the fault of the owners!). His quiet intelligence, his kindness, and most of all his smile are greatly missed.   Click here to read more.

7. The Raven Hollow Garden

Address: 241 Camino de San Francisco
Owners: Carolyn Stice
Garden Type or Features: Vegetables, chickens, orchard, children’s gardening

The following artists will be at this garden:
   Elaine Scott – 9am – Noon
   Carol Ordogne – 1 – 4pm


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