2017 Garden #4

Garden #4 – The Atrium Garden – Nancy Yates


Nancy loves to share on how she and her late husband Terry designed and built their home and developed a vast garden landscape in the Homesteads neighborhood of Placitas.   Their home was one of the first in the neighborhood and the view of the neighboring Le Mesa just north across the large arroyo was free of homes at the time.  This is a spectacular property landscaped with several outdoor garden rooms.



The tour starts with a walk up to the front entrance of the home through a freshly landscaped courtyard.  A guide will lead you through the foyer to an indoor atrium garden planted in-ground under an open stairwell leading to a landing.  Notice the indoor fountain as you approach the atrium area.   Take the circular tiled route around the atrium to view the garden of tropical plants whose names will be labeled for viewing.  After exploring the atrium garden you will walk through a breeze way enclosure with a south view of the outdoor pool with a large back bordering rock fountain as you exit.  From the pool deck you may follow more than one path to different outdoor garden rooms.

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Each garden room carries a bit of the owners’ personal history. You can view their appreciation of sculptural art, gardening interests, and outdoor hobbies   Their love for entertaining friends and family is obvious.  They have created an outdoor playground with multiple gardens surrounding their home.  Hardscape features include a long serpentine water fall culminating into a tranquil water lily pond and a surrounding deck.   Enjoy the Yates’ large back garden patio with a Horno style clay oven, fire pit, and private seating areas as you progress on the tour.  As a final treat you will enter into the pet dog garden landscaped appropriately with a variety of shrubs, a large shade tree and a wisteria arbor exit gate.

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