2019 #6 The Labyrinth Garden

Subdivision: Diamond Tail
Address: 107 Crestview Court
Owners: Jessica and Mike Chynoweth
Garden Type or Features: Open space labyrinth, water harvesting; family, with children, and pet friendly garden.

The following artists will be painting at this garden:

    • AM – Diane Buster
    • PM – Laverne Bohlin

Hunter Ten Broek of Waterwise Landscapes will be present at this garden to advise garden tour guests on landscaping, plant selection, and irrigation needs.

Description: When Jessica and Mike purchased this house some years ago there was very little landscaping. They just had a baby and wanted to create a safe and beautiful place for her to play. They worked with Hilltop Landscaping to put in the initial wall, hardscape, plantings, and water features.

Over the years Jessica added a few plants such as the butterfly bushes. The labyrinth came about when they needed to relocate their septic tank. The owners wanted a beautiful, meditative, natural spot where they could spend time separately and as a family. They also wanted a seasonal water feature to collect rain water and snow melt for use elsewhere in the yard. The collection system had to be low maintenance since both work and now have two young kids. Hunter Ten Broek of WaterWise Landscapes, Inc. helped design the labyrinth and assisted in choosing the plantings.

The family is slowly adding to the labyrinth garden and making it theirs with local rocks/fossils that they find. In addition to the seeds that Hunter and team have added, Jessica is reseeding the area with many local grass/flower seeds as well as purchased drought tolerant wildflowers. The Arizona blanket flowers were spectacular last year. The owners’ garden goals are to continue to create a beautiful spot where they can spend time as a family planting drought tolerant plants that are a haven for pollinators as well. During the warm season the family spends a lot of time outside on the hardscape as well as running around the labyrinth.