2016 Garden #2

The Oasis Garden

Towering cottonwood trees and a second story latilla balcony mark this property from the street view. The cottonwoods provide year-around leaf interest for this garden property. As you enter the front courtyard gate you will feel an overwhelming sense of tranquility from the green grass and cool shade.

fall 2015 135

 This oasis garden property boasts established turf, mature trees and a large fish pond on the south side of the garden property. Walk in a counter-clockwise pattern and enjoy many perennial and native planted sections. The garden owners have worked hard during the past 23 years to establish meandering paths, private seating nooks, and nature viewing areas within their “inherited” garden landscape. They had to remove several junipers in their garden landscape to make room for the current turf areas, perennial planting beds and “hardscape”. They learned by experimentation which plants thrive best where. They use regular applications of compost and mulch to amend their rocky/ sandy soil to establish this mature healthy plant-scape.

Other features include a bocce court and an in-ground barbecue pit outside the south fence, and a bench glider from Quebec friends, which was rebuilt on site by the original and current owners.  The fire pit was made from a water heater top.

On the north side of the garden property you may climb the lower stairs to view the large terraced vegetable planting beds. This shaded area is perfect for growing tomatoes and peppers in our intense New Mexico sun.  Continue upstairs for views to the West and North horizons.  Large expanses of glass and doors extend the living space from within the home to all the outdoor areas.  The garden green spaces in turn help to cool the inside of the home, and yet do not interfere with the passive solar collection properties of the adobe and half Trombe wall construction.