2021 #4 Legacy European Garden

Subdivision: Tierra Madre
Address: 2 Aqua Sarca Road
Owner: David Hoekenga
Garden Type or Features: “Legacy European Garden” legacy late summer/fall showing, completed waterfall

The following artists will be at this garden:

  • Juan Wijngaard – 9am – Noon
  • Elaine Scott – 1pm – 4pm

Description:    This garden was featured on the May 21, 2017 Placitas Garden Tour.   Guests were awed by the lush display of spring blooming bulbs and flowering roses.  

The owner, David, would like you to enjoy his garden three years later in the late summer/ early fall with fall blooming flowers and still blooming rose bushes.  

There will be new landscape vignettes in addition to a completed large waterfall feature.  As in 2017, David will have his green house open for viewing.