2018 Garden #5

The Arroyo Garden

The owner is an avid gardener who moved from California recently, and has learned much about planting and landscaping in the harsh high desert climate of Placitas during the last couple of years.   The owner is doing lots of interesting projects with high desert adapted plants and fruit trees around her home property.


The owner has taken advantage of garden micro-climates and winter shelters to grow plants that are not suited for the Placitas growing zone.  Bougainvillea overwinters in garden beds located near the south facing walls of her home and patio.   Dwarf lemon trees growing in a protected landscape area in the south courtyard are protected from freezing temperatures and wind in portable heated shelters.


In addition to a variety of high desert suited landscape plants, the owner has an abundance of tropical and semi-tropical plants that are moved outdoors in nice weather.   A sunny indoor living room and a 3-season sun room are used to protect sensitive potted plants in the winter.